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“I absolutely love Aimee’s classes. Nothing better than being in a class that is so welcoming and made to be so much fun that you don’t even realise you have been exercising. As a mother of two young children who doesn’t get to go out much this is like a night out rather than a fitness class. In my opinion the best way to exercise and I guess that’s why her classes are always so busy. We all get that total body workout but feel we are all there having fun rather than exercising. Aimee always makes sure her routines suit all ages, abilities and levels of fitness. What I also love is just watching how amazing Aimee is at dancing, it’s just totally inspiring. Every time you come away from class feeling like you have had that “Strictly” ballroom experience. I have tried many other classes in the area but never come across an instructor that is as passionate about teaching as Aimee, and who makes it so easy to follow the routines, which make you feel wonderful when you can do them. In my personal opinion you can’t beat this class or Aimee as an instructor.”

-Sarah Golding


“In 2003, I slipped off a ladder and injured my neck with doctors telling me there was nothing they could do to reduce the pain it caused or repair the injury. I have tried many exercise classes over the years and had to stop due to this. Aimee's classes however have been a breath of fresh air! Because the routines concentrate on posture too, I have found since starting Aimee’s classes back in 2011 that the tension in my neck is easing and the pain is reducing too. I don’t always do the higher intensity versions of the steps but it’s great that Aimee offers different levels so you can do what suits you. I love Zumba and of course doing the strength and conditioning classes and my fitness levels have really improved too!”

-Gaynor Davies


"Aimee started supporting me with my weight-loss goals outside of her classes in 2011. I was at a high starting weight of 22 stone and although I had started getting myself out walking, I still lacked the motivation I needed to really make a difference. She focused on bringing my weight down slowly and safely, looking at both my diet and exercise plans and guided me towards a healthier BMI. We initially power walked 3-4 times a week at a pace I could manage and started with shorter distances. Within 6 months we were up to power walking 4 miles and along with a cleaner diet I had lost 2 stone. Over the course of the next year, Aimee continued to train alongside me, power walking became jogging and distances began to increase. By the end of my second year, I was down to 14.5 stone and completed a 25 mile run in just over 4 hours. Before starting this, I couldn't even walk a mile without getting out of breath! This last 12 months I have really focused on my lifestyle; I've followed some of Aimee's tasty simple recipes, (spicy scrambled egg is a must!) keeping my fluids up with a varied exercise plan and getting decent sleep. She has made no illusions regarding quick fix diets; just given easy simple changes along with support that has helped me to lose and maintain my current weight. I am now down to a healthy 13 stone and sit perfectly in the 'healthy' BMI area which my GP was pleased to see too!"

-Anthony Dunn


“Aimee's classes have made exercise for me fun again! I have tried so many different classes and never stuck to them for longer than a couple of months. Aimee's classes however is different to any I’ve done before. Since starting in March 2014, I have attended Aimee’s classes twice a week and along with healthier eating I have so far lost 22 inches from my body! Aimee’s routines are easy to pick up (even with my two left feet!) and she makes you feel so welcome. I love the different music we use to the dances in class too! It’s addictive – if you haven’t tried them yet you’re in for a treat!”

-Helen Brown


“Aimee's classes are a total body workout in a warm and friendly environment. They're great fun and routines are easy to follow! Aimee is a great instructor who relaxes the group and makes the workouts exciting and different every time rather than boring and repetitive. She has introduced class participants to one another who are now friends outside of the class and make her classes a social get together as well as a workout. I have attended Aimee’s classes for 10 years now and I can't wait to see what she has lined up for us next!”

-Sally Griffiths


"I can honestly say your classes have kept me sane over the years. I've made some wonderful friends and you truly are an inspiration to us all."

- Chris Lawton


"I just love your classes Aimee - never want to miss one & never thought I would look forward to exercise like I do... just wish I could fit I just love just wish I could fit more in each week!" 

-Angela Glasgow


"I love all your classes and thank you for your continued support and in making those classes so much fun. I have made some incredible friends along the way, shed some weight through your nutritional programme and faced some demons!"

-Rachel Sayle


"I'm so glad I didn't let my nerves get in the way and came to my first class. Like many ladies have said I love them and always leave on a high. Thank you for doing what you do. You are a great Zumba teacher with the biggest heart and a wonderful role model"

-Kerry Heath


"Love love love your classes, always feel energised after and have made some lovely new friends. The effort you put in is inspiring!"

-Viv Doyle


"These classes are an absolute credit to you, your skills & knowledge, your energy and your enthusiasm – it’s great to see each class full and everyone enjoying themselves (and exercising ) – We’re all Aimee Hurlston addicts! I love your classes!"

-Deborah Ascott-Jones


"Love coming to your classes - what started out as one Latin and ballroom class 6 years ago for me is now a weekly habit of whatever class I can get to! Even when I feel like I have no energy or coordination your enthusiasm drives me on!"

-Amy McMullan

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