Terms & Conditions

Booking T&Cs

All bookings are only confirmed when full payment has been made. You can book online for all classes but make sure you carefully read the class or package description you are purchasing before visiting the checkout and making your final payment. Classes and packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.


As classes can only be purchased on the day wanted, there is no option to cancel once the purchase has been made. For single online classes, there is a 24 hour access period for each class, expiring on the same day at 23:59 with unlimited access until then. This gives you the flexibility to do the class at a time that works for you and as often as you'd like. Weekly packages can be purchased at any time during a week, but all packages will expire on a Sunday at 23:59. These packages also give you unlimited access to each of your workouts. Public classes will run unless it is unsafe to do so. Once you have booked and paid, you will not be able to transfer to another class or receive a refund if you cannot attend. Please contact me directly for further queries.

Missed classes

I am sorry but missed classes are not refundable or transferable.


Changes to your classes or packages

If for any reason I need to change or cancel a class, I will let you know as early as possible and offer an alternative day/class. If that day does not suit you a refund for that class will be issued.

Class & Package Prices

All prices are correct as of February 1st 2021.

Health and safety

At the start of every online workout, there is a medical disclaimer. Please make sure you pay attention to this. For public classes, you will receive a Covid-19 Health Questionnaire before each class. This must be completed in order for you to take part. It is your responsibility to inform your instructor of any changes to your health before the class begins. If you are in any doubt about your health you should consult your doctor.

Fitness Attire & Workout Area Set Up

I request that you should dress appropriately for a fitness setting. Indoors - trainers, shorts, leggings, vest or T shirts and have plenty of water available throughout. Even if space in your home is limited, please make sure it is safe for you to take part in my workouts by clearing your space of any hazards, removing a rug from the floor and tucking away any loose cables. At the start of each online workout, you will be advised to check this.

For outdoor public classes, I request that you bring plenty of layers. We are returning to outdoor classes coming out of winter, the nights are much colder even if we have had sunny days. Please make sure you wear plenty of layers and a hat if needed and where the weather is poor, consider waterproofs too. Please don't turn up to class in a vest with a jumper, this is not enough to keep you warm as you start to sweat and you'll have no dry layers to wear at the end of your workout. I would rather you get too hot and have layers to remove than catch a chill and risk getting sick.

General Details for Public Classes

All classes will start on time and a temperature check is required before you join the class. If you arrive after the class has started, you won't be able to take part. We have to put the safety of each other first so please allow yourself at least 5 minutes to make sure you're not late.

You will have a workout station to exercise in. Please only bring essential items and equipment required for the class with you and keep your water with you in your station to avoid walking across other people throughout the class.

Although there is no upper limit on how many participants are allowed to take part via the government, insurance companies and governing bodies have capped capacity to 29 class members. Please don't ask me to squeeze extra people into classes because we are outside. Your safety is important to me and so we will be following the guidance of a 29 capacity limit.

Please make sure you adhere to all government guidelines regarding social distancing. Please do not gather before or after class and keep a minimum of 2 metres apart. Please wear your face mask before and after the workout and there will be hand sanitiser on site.

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