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Meet Aimee

Aimee Hurlston Fitness Instructor

Certified Fitness Professional

I have worked as a certified fitness professional for fourteen years, supporting my local community with their health and fitness journeys.

I have always had a passion for dance, taking part in stage shows and competitions when I was younger, but following the death of my dad and an accident in my late teens, dancing took a back seat and I fell into the 9-5 work cycle after leaving college. Those life experiences had a huge affect on me and in some part, contributed to my weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle as a young adult. It wasn't until I began teaching Zumba classes in 2010, that a class member passed a comment about my shape and it not being common to see a curvier fitness instructor. I realised I had been completely neglecting myself and this was my breakthrough moment. If I was going to be representing myself in an industry that promoted good health, then I had to start taking better care of me and find that passion again that I had for dance.

With a lot of support, I jumped in with both feet and decided to pursue a career as a fitness instructor whole heartedly. This was a huge step leaving a full time job to pursue a career self employed, but the demanding role of sales and the work commute weren't giving my life quality. Something had to change and I have never looked back since.

I spent the next 18 months exercising with a friend, my goal (alongside representing myself well) was wanting to feel my best in my wedding dress and in 2012, I married my husband Rob. We got married at sea surrounded by our closest family and friends and spent our honeymoon exploring the coasts of eastern Italy, Croatia and Greece.

Rob and I love to travel and Arctic Norway is a very special place to us. Not only have we been very lucky to see the northern lights (one of the highlights of our lives so far!) but the love we have for the people, the culture and breath-taking scenery makes it a home away from home.

Talking of home, it's just Rob and I with our beautiful dogs who we couldn't imagine life without and they definitely keep us busy!

Over the last decade, I have invested time in studying in nutrition (not only to help others but to understand my own dietary needs beyond Dr. Google!), further fitness courses, personal training and life coaching, women's specialist courses and more holistic approaches including breathwork and cold water therapy. I do this to make sure that I am delivering the best version of me to my fitness community. I continue to evolve so that my clients get what they want - something that not only adds value to their lives, but also delivers results.

I have also felt very privileged to be able to support our wonderful community alongside some incredible volunteers. We launched our You've Got A Friend Community Group in December 2018, offering friendship and entertainment to elderly, vulnerable and socially isolated members of our community. More information about our group is featured on my website.

This is more than a job for me and the greatest satisfaction I get is seeing people transform right in front of their own eyes. We have built a very special community of likeminded and welcoming people who have now become more than 'the person they see at class'. Whether we are together in the public or online, you won't experience a fitness class like mine. Not just because of the energy I give you, but because of the atmosphere and fun that the participants create!

If you're not sure about where to begin in your fitness journey but know you want to make a change, just do it. It's the best decision I ever made and it has been a change for life.

Break the cycle that makes you unhappy and become the person you feel you truly are, smiling inside and out.


Why Choose Me?

We are a welcoming, unfiltered and unedited community of real people who are juggling the stresses of the every day work/life balance.  My aim is to give you a mental escape during your workout and increased knowledge, helping you to achieve the results and goals you set yourself whether that's in class or 1:1.  My clients have been with me for more than 14 years, so we are doing something right! 


Exercise and nutrition doesn't have to be boring or restrictive and with my support, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to!

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