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Whether your goal is weight loss, improving your strength, stamina or general fitness, as a certified Women's Specialist Trainer with 14 years experience in fitness and nutrition and proven results, I will work with you to give you the knowledge and skills to reach your goals and maintain your lifestyle change long term.

Free no obligation consultation for all new clients.


Alongside the traditional methods of personal training which I design specifically to suit your goals and lifestyle (you won't be getting a generic workout from me!), I incorporate holistic methods and work hard to help you break the cycles that you're stuck in rather than trying to overhaul your lifestyle from the outset. My clients are successful long term because we take the time to make subtle changes and tweaks that they can maintain. How many times have you jumped into joining a slimming club, halved your calorie intake and increased to 7 days a week of exercise from none only to find that once you reach your goal you have nowhere to go and slowly old habits start to creep back in (along with the weight gain)? You're not the only one.

The easiest part of making healthier changes for the long term is actually the diet and exercise adjustments. The hardest part is overcoming your barriers and that's where my support comes in. I'll be the coach you need me to be, offering different perspectives to your life showing you how to cut through the noise, giving you insight into how your body works and I'll give you ideas along with invaluable knowledge that will help you adapt successfully at home to achieve your goals and see results. As a certified Women's Specialist trainer, I understand the impacts of the female body through various stages of life and how that can make our physical and mental journey more challenge. Results are possible if you're consistent and open to change.

As a certified Nutritional Therapist, you will also benefit from nutritional support should you want it, whether you join me on a one to one or duo basis. I can also work with dietary requirements if needed. Don't worry though, I won't be overhauling your diet - I'll simply teach you how to eat the foods you enjoy to benefit you, how to take accountability for your choices without being hard on yourself and I'll show you how to find guilt free balance. Life really can't be all or nothing and it shouldn't have to be. Wouldn't it feel good to never have to go on a restricted diet again?

If you'd like to discuss personal training with me, please get in touch. I love seeing my clients succeed and being a part of their journey makes it all the more special. Maybe it's time to start yours with me.




Emily's goal was to not only lose weight, but increase her strength and work on improving the eating habits that she had: eating very few meals and snacking on sugar to keep her going. As a busy mum of three working from home, Emily had found quick fixes to get herself through the day without realising the damage she was doing to her body. She struggled to find time to make herself a priority and rather than overhauling her life, we made small adjustments to her routine which allowed Emily to work towards her goals. Her journey is ongoing, but the results so far speak for themselves. Emily has found a new passion for exercise and is taking the time to fuel her body with food she enjoys (including her favourite treats too!).


I am so grateful to Aimee for literally changing my life! Never thought I would be someone that would enjoy exercise and feel happy seeing my body change. We're on a totally new journey now and I couldn't ask for anyone better to coach me through it".


In August 2021, Sally joined my Friday morning weights class after seeing us outside at the rugby club. The photo on the left was taken when she started. At the beginning, Sally struggled with breathing during workouts, getting down to the floor and had a lot of aches and pains.  There was never any pressure on Sally to keep up with the group - just to keep moving, do her best and I made sure her form was correct.

Over time, she gained the confidence to join more classes. It wasn't always easy for Sally, but she was now showing up for herself on a regular basis and felt welcomed enough by us all to do so.  She didn't quit.

Sally started personal training with me in September 2022 and we have focused on adjusting her lifestyle, not overhauling it.

Sally has not only seen the physical changes - incredible weight loss, less aches and pains in joints, better lung capacity and breathing, increased stamina and strength, but she has also improved her blood sugar levels and has reduced medication she once relied on to get by day to day. Sally's confidence in her ability has sky rocketed too and where she was scared that covid could potentially kill her because of her body's condition, now she feels strong. She has joined a weekly running group and takes part in the local Park Run every Saturday - something that she was determined to do at the start!

This isn't the end for Sally, her journey continues with me and I know the lifestyle she has created for herself will be one for life. The photo on the right was taken in February 2024. 


This is the first time I have ever had personal training and can honestly say that Aimee made me feel so relaxed from the very first session. Aimee tailors the sessions to my individual needs and I can't believe the difference they have made to my physical and emotional well being.

If you are considering improving your fitness in any way then I can't recommend personal training with Aimee enough! You will love it! - Diane 

Diane has gone from running for 2 minutes to competing in 10km events regularly and is currently training with me to get ready for her first half marathon! 


Highly recommend this personal training with Aimee L Hurlston - I have done the last 8 weeks with Aimee and not only have I been reintroduce and given the tools to be mindful with my food choices but from a mental health point of view, it has helped me return to a good place in my head and given me the confidence to reconnect with people. I cannot thank Aimee enough and I am so excited for the next part of my journey- I need to be strong, healthy and feel positive and that is exactly what I feel now. You will not ever regret doing this training with Aimee - Rachel 









4 SESSIONS £160 (£40 PER HOUR)

8 SESSIONS £280 (£35 PER HOUR)

12 SESSIONS £380 (£31.66 PER HOUR)


I can be flexible with training session times too! Whether you are an early riser, work shifts or need to wait until the kids are in bed, we can train when it suits! As long as it doesn't clash with my community classes, I'll make the time for you. Training sessions in the SK10 area.

Payments for any of the personal training packages are to be made upfront.

Please get in touch with any further questions via the contact form below, social media or

my number 07500 871 732.

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