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About My Fitness Programs

Fitness Classes That Change Your Life


I stay true to ZUMBA with all of my routines, however, with having over 30 years experience in dance; I can't help but add my own style and flavour to keep them fresh and unique! My Zumba classes are suitable for all abilities (believe me... my experience of instructing an adult male rugby team proved that it's not only dancers who can really wiggle their hips!) Classes are truly like a fitness party! You'll leave feeling energised and in the best of moods! These classes are a great way to socialise too and many of the ladies who started out on their own have made so many great new friends!


This is an exciting, vibrant and unique workout that combines various cardio and strength exercises from around the world including boxing, kick boxing, HIIT and floor based body conditioning exercises. The moves are simple and repetitive, allowing you to put more effort and energy into each track, increasing the workout intensity on the body which along with a healthy diet and lifestyle is more likely to produce desired results. Ikon is highly addictive with routines accompanied by an awesome ever-changing soundtrack - you'll never get bored in these classes!

SOMA Breath

This is built upon the ancient foundations of Pranayama exercises, yogic practices, and ayuvedic teachings along with modern technology such as brainwave music to give a holistic, full-bodied approach to a positive overall wellbeing. The combination of breathing in beats to brainwave music is one of the signature components to SOMA Breath and what sets them apart from other techniques. SOMA Breath combines rhythmical breathing (breathing in beats), breath holds (holding the breath), and beautifully designed brainwave music to guide visualisations through meditations to create a dynamic, fun, and uplifting experience.

SOMA Breath can help:

Lower stress

Reduce anxiety & depression

Open your mind to opportunity

Balances the nervous system

Create better circulation, boost your immune response and improve sleep

Empty your mind from chaos and take some time out to relax and refocus with this relaxing experience.


Based on your 'Strictly' favourites, this class uses the basic steps of dances including the waltz, jive, cha cha cha, samba, salsa, tango & Paso Doble to create a dance-fitness workout that's easy to follow and fun to take part in! The awesome soundtrack will take you through decades of great music and will leave you smiling from ear to ear! 


Using free weights and body weight as resistance, this class will lead you through a series of exercises both standing and floor work to focus on creating tone and definition throughout the body. The class is low impact and in addition you'll be accompanied by an awesome 80s, 90s and 00s soundtrack! This class has produced some fantastic results and has a brilliant atmosphere - not quite as much grunting as you'll find in the gym though!


This is a program I designed to improve your overall strength and muscle tone. Combining chair and mat work, you will use your body weight as resistance and work through a series of routines to an awesome soundtrack! This class is low impact and is suitable for a variety of fitness levels.


I designed this program to strengthen the body and mind by using routines to promote improved flexibility, balance, mobility, posture and wellbeing. Influenced by dance, yoga and everyday movements, this class will not only help you feel energised but can help improve range of movement too.  Suitable for a variety of fitness abilities.

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